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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Son "Barend J." super
breeding cock and
(grand)father to
1.Nat. Ace Yearlings
De Allerbeste in 2019
1.Sittard 21.629p
1.Weert 11.795p
1.Hapert 7.861p
1.Niergnies 6.400p
1.Budel 4.373p
1.NPO Meaux 3.549p
1.Weert 2.777p
1.Weert 2.103p
1.Tongeren 1.932p
1.Meer 1.626p
1.Weert 1.103p
1.Laon 676p
Daughter Nieuwe Olympiade

Stellenbosch is mother to
1.Niergnies 5.031p
2.Tienen 2.438p
2.Tienen 1.908p
2.Dizy le Gros 1.758p
2.Chalons en Champagne 1.251p
4.Niergnies 2.333p
7.Chimay 3.540p
9.Bierges 2.271p
Golden Dirk Junior
C. en G. Koopman
Chequer White Flight
Son of Varella and Golden
Dirk.Inbred Kleine Dirk
Grandfather of:
1.Prov. ACE S.D.Friesland
2.Tongeren 872p
17.St Truiden 2.167p
35.Tongeren 1.046p
37.Gennep 1.861p
54.Hapert 1.158p
127.Hapert 1.799p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Daughter of Tips
Grandmother of:
1.Prov. ACE S.D.Friesland in
1.Prov. ACE S.D.Sect. 11 in
1.Prov. ACE Natoer Sect. 11
in 2015
1.Hapert 7.861p
1.NPO Meaux 3.549p
1.Weert 2.777p
1.Tongeren 1.932p
1.Meer 1.626p
Full sister of Swarovsky:
mother of
3.NPO Peronne
Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade(grand)father
1.Olympic Pigeon Hungary
Cat. A Short Distance 2022
1.Gowran Park 25.621p
1.Open Tullamore 20.315p
1.Prov. Chalons 20.306p
1.Nat. Fontenay 12.727p
1.NPO Tongeren 12.699p
1.Prov. Laon 11.179p
1.Prov. Laon 7.594p
1.Prov. Nanteuil 7.509p
1.Geel 6.739p
1.Quievrain 6.148p
1.Nat. Chalons 6.054p
1.NPO Nanteuil 4.457p
1.Quievrain 3.733p
1.Tongeren 2.572p
1.Quievrain 1.881p
1.Quievrain. 1.216p
1.Nat. Lieberec 2.105p
1.Chateauroux 1.754p
Superdaughter of Euro
Kim is (grand)mother
1.Geel 6.739p
1.NPO Peronne 6.668p
1.Strombeek 5.651p
1.St.Job 5.547p
1.Heusden 3.139p
1.Lessines 2.506p
1.P.Picena 1.850p
1.P.Picena 1.581p
2.Duffel 5.904p
2.S.Severo 1.250p
3.Zutphen 8.510p
3.Tilburg 5.560p
3.Deurne 3.280p
3.Senigallia 1.325p
4.P.Picena 1.850p
4.Ortona 1.570p
5.Deurne 7.598p
5.Laon 7.338p
5. NPO Chateauroux
against 2.397p
5.Menen 3.151p
6.Vuren 6.908p
8.St. Job 5.547p
25. NPO Blois 2010
against 2.998p
43. NPO Orleans
against 2.861p
Golden Dirk
C. en G. Koopman
Inbred on
Kleine Dirk and
Golden Lady
C. en G. Koopman
1.Nat. ACE L.D.
Fondspiegel 2007
C. en G. Koopman
Super breeding cock
and (grand)father of
more than 50 x 1st prize
-Farah Dibah:
1.Nat. ACE L.D. NPO WHZB 2003
-Reza: super racer
1.Peronne 28.332p
1.Chantilly 21.892p
1.Chantilly 10.589p
1/2 Zus Miss Saigon
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Inbred Miss Saigon
Half sister of Miss Saigon:
2.Nat. ACE S.D. WHZB
2.Minderhout 16.639p
8.St Ghisl 11.275p
11.Minderh. 18.914p
31.Nijvel 13.845p
46.Minderh. 19.238p
55.Duffel 13.910p
90.St Quent 12.072p
Vader Nw Olympiade
Leo Heremans
Father of Nieuwe Olympiade
2.Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1.Quievrain 2.460p
2.Quievrain 2.790p
3.Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade was sold for
210.000? euro in 2013 Father
of 1. ACE Pioneer Club 2014
and sold for 275.000?
Mdr Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
Mother of Nieuwe Olympiade
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Sister of the mother of Bolt
the most expensive pigeon
in the Heremans auction and
sold for 310.000 euro?
Blue Bar
1.Ace pigeon WEN Cup Cat A
Dortmund in 2004
1.Nat. ACE Short Distance
Young Ave Regina 2003
1.Nat ACE Young 2003 Reisduif
1.Quievrain 2.687p
1.Quievrain 2.516p
Descendants Euro won
1.Nat. Ace Youngbirds 2007
1.Nat. Ace Youngbirds '11
1.Pommeroeul 18.952p
1.Tongeren 12.699p
1.Duiven 10.949p
1.Morlincourt 11.985p
1.Gennep 13.998p
1.Chateaudun 8.855p
1.Nanteuil 8.414p
1.Geel 8.089p
1.Mantes 7.945p
1.Hapert 7.861p
1.Isnes 7.098p
1.Tours 6.565p
2.Rekkem 19.409p
2.Sittard 16.739p
2.Quievrain 13.331p
2.Tongeren 12.699p
1.Peronne 5.282p
1.Orleans 5.965p
1.Duffel 5.904p
1.Strombeek 5.651p
1.St. Job 5.547p
Daughter of Olympiade 003
(Grand)mother of:
1.Prov. Laon 10.549p