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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Smoky Chequer
Angel is winner of
9.NPO La Ferte St Aubin
(574 km) 6.865 pigeons
172.NPO Verzon
(616 km) 3.142 pigeons
220.NPO Chateaudun
(567 km) 2.697 pigeons
66.Moeskroen 2.652p
54.Sens (480 km) 892p
71.Bierges 2.201p
84.Quievrain 2.152p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Neutrino is father
6.NPO Laon 11.179p
7.NPO La Ferte Aubin 6.865p
9.NPO La Ferte Aubin 6.865p
13.Prov. Quievrain 13.403p
24.NPO Chateaudun 5.171p
6.Quievrain 2.152p
56 NPO Vierzon 3.993p
Neutrino is grandfather
3.Final Derby Zagreb OLR 2022
500 km (1.199 m.p.m.) 626p
27.ACE Great Algarve OLR 2022

Son of Indy and Streetfighter
Indy is winner of
2.Prov. ACE L.D.Sect.8 >500km
3.Nat. ACE Hen 2015 Allround
Nederland (>3500km)
5.NPO Troyes 4.122p
7.NPO Chateauroux 2.200p
9.NPO Chateaudun 3.251p
Sister Jet
Gebr. A & B Leideman
Sister Jet is winner
9.Nat. Lorris 597 km 6.086p
9.Auxerre 572 km 1.208p
26.NPO Troyes 509km 2.485p

Sister Jet is mother to
1.NPO Chalons 3.892p
4.NPO Chateauroux 3.304p
7.NPO La Ferte Aubin 6.865p
9.NPO La Ferte Aubin 6.865p
9.Prov. Dizy le Gros 5.636p
14.NPO Vierzon 3.993p
24.NPO Chateaudun 4.671p
26.NPO Morlincourt 8.903p
Sister Jet is grandmother
1.Semi-final Derby Aal Nagib
in 2022 502 km - 945 pigeons
6. Super Ace pigeon
As Golden OLR in 2022
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Son of Don Leo
Streetfighter is father of:
1.NPO Peronne 14.253p
3.NPO Orleans 5.783p
3.NPO Peronne 14.253p
8.Nat. Melun 10.654p
11.Nat. Blois 17.591p
38.Nat. Blois 24.774p
5.Blois 2.331p
3.Nivelles 1.647p
4.Pommeroel 1.626p
W. Roeper
Son 'Olympic 16'
Olympiade bird, Nitra 2013
and winner of 3x 1st prize
1/3684p 226km
1/2808p 156km
1/1791p 240km

Torsten is father to
1.Asse Zell 11.343p
1.Gien 4.911p
1.Rethel 4.692p
6.Laon 6.371p
Silver Dream
W. Stellerman
Mother to:
Floyd, 1/11.474p
Jet 1/11.343p
1/ 7.768p
1/ 4.692p
Ace 820 1/ 5.552p
Grandmother to
Sigrid 1/10.739p
Rachel 1/11.059p
Justify 1/10.570p
Enzo 1/10.314p
Charlene 1/ 3.892p
Don Leo
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Super racer/breeder
4.Nat.ACE L.D.NPO'04
4.Nat.NPO Montlucon 11.330p
6.Nat.NPO Souterrai 7.923p
28.Nat.NPO Argenton 8.916p
14.Houdeng 940p
18.Laon 5.743p
Descendants won:
1.NPO Peronne 14.253p
1.Charlevill 19.500p
1.NPO Arras 6.304p
1.Geel 4.998p
1.Peronne 3.989p
1.Komarom 3.535p
1.NPO Morlincourt 3.138p
1.Tongeren 2.182p
1.Zutphen 2.158p
1.Bogra 2.025p
1.Nat.Falaise 2.002p
1.Pommeroeul 1.523p
1.St. Quentin 1.482p
3.NPO Orleans 5.783p
3.NPO Peronne 14.253p
8.Nat. Melun 10.654p
11.Nat. Blois 17.591p
38.Nat. Blois 24.774p
J.& J. Kaman
Blue Bar
Joke won:
1. ACE Allround Sector 6
Rayon C
2.NPO Tours 4.112p
6.NPO Bourges 8.328p
6.Nijvel 2.245p
7.Blois 1.116p
9.Chimay 4.916p
13.Chantilly 1.889p
24.NPO Blois 5.971p
24.NPO Baden 7.138p
Emilio (son Fabio)
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Emilio is (Grand)father of:
1.Nat. ACE AU L.D.USA in 2014
1.NPO Bourges 6.187p
1.Nat. Mosty u Jabll 3.153p
1.Wakefield 1.324p
2.Quievrain 2.135p
3.Nat.ACE Allround WHZB 2015
3.Bierges 7.088p
4.NPO Chateaudun 3.621p
5.NPO Troyes nst 4.122p
7.Vervins 3.644p
7.Chalons 3.282p
7.NPO Chateauroux 2.200p
8.Sector Melun 10.654p
9.NPO Chateaudun 3.621p
9.Nat. Krmelin 2.970p
25.NPO Nanteuil 7.331p
25.Bierges 7.088p
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Super breeding hen
Kaira is mother of:
1.NPO Bourges 6.187p
4.NPO Chateaudun 3.251p
5.NPO Troyes 4.122p
7.NPO Chateauroux 2.200p
9.NPO Chateaudun 3.251p
Kaira is grandmother to
1.NPO Fay aux Loges 9.218p
2.NPO Sens 3.873p
3.NPO Peronne 3.836p
5.NPO Gien 5.615p
5.NPO Melun 3.335p
6.NPO Orleans 5.228p
7.NPO Peronne 5.900p
10.Prov Nanteuil 15.876p
Olympic 16
W. Roeper
Dark Chequer
Olympic 16 is winner of
7. Nat Ace cock Germany 2012
2. Olympiad bird Germany 2013
1. / 3.684 pigeons 226km
1. / 2.808 pigeons 156km
1. / 1.791 pigeons 240km
2. / 4.012 pigeons 326km
2. / 3.756 pigeons 416km
3. / 2.127 pigeons 602km
4. / 5.183 pigeons 416km

W. Roeper
Blue Bar
Daughter 'Big Boss'
1. Nat. ace cock Germany 2012
Big Boss won a.o. 3x 1. prize
1/3159p 429km
1/2127p 602km
1/1874p 313km
2/1237p 313km
6/3587p 154km
7/4168p 544km
Blue Dream
A. Wouters
Blue Bar
1. National Ace
Pigeon Sprint KBDB
winner 10x 1st !!!
1.Quiévrain 1.041p
1.Quiévrain 707p
1.Quiévrain 899p
1.Quiévrain 457p
1.Quiévrain 411p
1.Quiévrain 370p
1.Quiévrain 277p
1.Quiévrain 195p
1.Quiévrain 129p
1.Quiévrain 122p
C. en G. Koopman
Daughter Kleine Dirk
1.Nat. Ace pigeon in 1999
1.NPO Troyes 17.833p