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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Winner a.o.:
41.Prov. Chateaudun 5,171p
51.Sens 1,915p
53.Semi Nat. Vierzon 3,142p
57.Morlincourt 4,975p
79.Niergnies 2,080p
85.Niergnies 1,224p
G. & S. Verkerk
Erasmus is father
1.NPO Morlincourt 3.065p
4.NPO Melun 1.493p
5.NPO Nanteuil 7.509p
8.Tienen 1.908p
9.Chimay 3.540p
24.NPO Laon 11.179p
Erasmus is grandfather to
1.Weert 4.304p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
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Daughter Xenon X
Captain Hans,
3.NPO Chateauroux
670 km - 3794 birds

Xenon is winner of
1.Nat. Ace bird
Long Distance'18-19
1.Semi-Nat Ace bird
Noordelijk Unie'18
1.SemiNat Chateaudun
565km - 5.989 birds
New Sensation
G. & S. Verkerk
Smoky Blue
Half-brother Olympic Solange
New Sensation was the
Best youngster Natour 2010

Father of Olympic Sofie
Olympiade Pigeon Cat H
in Budapest 2015
18 NPO Sens 14.517p
15 NPO Ruffes 3.875
11.Strombeek 5.108p
56.Tours 10.490p
Also father to
1. NPO Chateauroux 3.769p
Olympic Bibi
G. & S. Verkerk
Light Chequer
Olympiade Pigeon Budapest
Winner of 6 prizes at 300-750
Mother of Isabelle:
1.Nat. ACE L.D. in 2016 and
22.Sens 1.608p
19.Argenton 6.926p
58.Nanteuil 7.043p
55.Vierzon 6.146p
G. & S. Verkerk
Light Cheque
10.Nat.ACE WHZB 7-08
17. best Cock WHZB
Magic Amoré
C. en G. Koopman
Smoky Chequer
Daughter Magic Man
Mother of Olympic Solange:
1.NPO Argenton
1.nat. ACE WHZB
1.Best Hen WHZB
1.Nat. ACE M.D.
1.Olympiade Pigeon
Dortmund Allround
Gr.Grandmother of:
1.InterNat. Agen 25.328p
G. & S. Verkerk
Light Chequer
6.NPO Chateauroux
6.Nat. ACE Yearling
15.Nat. ACE Allround
Father of Olympic Bibi:
Olympiade Pigeon Budapest
G. & S. Verkerk
Blue Bar
Mother of Olympic Bibi
Olympic Hans
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Olympic Hans is winner of
1. Olympiade Pigeon Brussels
Cat D Allround 2017
3.Nat. ACE WHZB Long Distance
1. NPO Chateauroux 3.120p
2. NPO Nanteuil 4.476p
9. NPO Bourges 3.815p
17.NPO Auxerre 5.518p
1.Mons 1.847p
1.Peronne 683p
Olympic Hans is (grand)father
2.Nat. Ace L.D. WHZB 2018
2.Nat. Ace Young NPO 2019
1.NPO Vierzon 3.993p
1.NPO Morlincourt 3.065p
1.Bierges 6.047p
1.Niergnies 2.781p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Indy is winner of
3.Nat. Ace pigeon Hens WHZB
Allround in 2015
5.NPO Troyes 4.122p
7.NPO Chateauroux 2.200p
9.NPO Chateaudun 3.621p
Indy is (grand)mother
2.Nat.Ace pigeon WHZB
Long Distance 2018
2.Nat.Ace pigeon WHZB
Long Distance 2019
2.Nat.Ace Young NPO in 2019
1.NPO La Ferta Aubin 6.865p
1.Prov. Laon 9.815p
1.NPO Morlincourt 3.065p
1.NPO Chateaudun 2.697p
2.NPO Laon 11.179p
G. & S. Verkerk
Superbreeder and father of
1.Nat. Ace bird Long Distance
Fondspiegel 2018 - 2019
1.NPO Fay aux Loges 9.218p
1.SemiNat Chateaudun 5.989p
3.NPO Troyes 3.836p
6.Nat. Chateaudun 12.511p
7.NPO Fay aus Loges 6.957p
8.NPO Chateauroux 3.989p
9.NPO Peronne 5.900p
10.Prov. Melun 7.291p
10.NPO La Ferte Aubin 6.865p
18.NPO Bourges 2.242p
23.NPO Chateauroux 3.794p
Tanguy is grandfather
1.Prov.Pontoise 6.499p
1.Roullet St-Estpehe 1.669p
Inbred Don Leo
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Smoky Blue
Inbred Don Leo is mother to
1.Nat. Ace bird Long Distance
Fondspiegel 2018 - 2019