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Triggerfinger 2
Blue Bar
Triggerfinger 2 is winner
9.Niergnies 1.224p
18.Bierges 5.258p
25.Prov. Nanteuil 5.809p
33.Sens 892p
61.Bierges 4.292p
81.Nanteuil 1.044p
89.Niergnies 1.186p
91.Niergnies 2.435p
New Champion
Blue Bar
Son Nieuwe Olympiade

New Champion is father
1.Quievrain 1.774p
5.Melun 1.807p
7.Prov. Morlincourt 8.695p
9.Niergnies 1.224p
13.Chimay 2.417p
18.NPO Chateaudun 5.171p
21.Chalons 1.495p
25.NPO Nanteuil 5.809p
43.Reims 5.027p
62.Prov Niergnies 10.021p
Nisrina is grandmother
1. Ace pigeon Goldcoast 50000
 OLR in 2021

Nisrina is winner of
1.Quievrain 249p
15.Quievrain 6.614p
6.Laon 2.673p
9.Hapert 2.720p
17.Nanteuil 2.794p
27.Tongeren 2.572p
36.NPO Nanteuil 4.864p
37.Moeskroen 3.151p
41.Laon 2.070p
44.Nanteuil 2.319p
51.Quievrain 4.068p
Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade(grand)father
1.Nat. ACE M.D. Portugal 2016
1.ACE Dutch Touch in 2016
1.Open Tullamore 20.315p
1.Prov. Chalons 20.306p
1.Nat. Fontenay 12.727p
1.NPO Tongeren 12.699p
1.Prov. Laon 11.179p
1.Prov. Laon 7.594p
1.Prov. Nanteuil 7.509p
1.Geel 6.739p
1.Quievrain 6.148p
1. NPO Nanteuil 4.457p
1.Tongeren 2.572p
1.Quievrain 1.881p
1.Quievrain. 1.216p
Blue Bar
Rosie is grandmother
- 5 Car winners Pioneer 2016
- 4 car winners Pioneer 2017
- 1.Prize 500 km race Pioneer
12.000 pigeons
- 3 car winners Pioneer 2018
- My Best one, Top pigeon in
Million Dollar Race and
winner of 2x Hot Spot Top 20
Rosie is Great-grandmother to
- 2 Car winners Songshan 2021
Son of Dion and Kim

Full brother of Bianca:
1. Strombeek 5.651p
11.Strombeek 5.312p
5. NPO.Chateauroux 2.379p
14.NPO Bourges 2.975p
25.NPO Blois 2.998p
32.Meer 7.001p
35.NPO Tours 2.924p
43.NPO Orleans 2.861p
Jacqueline is mother
1.Quievrain 1.545p
2.Quievrain 4.624p
5.Epernay 1.717p
6.Laon 2.673p
7.Geel 6.739p
7.Geel 6.217p
7.Peronne 3.007p
8.Nanteuil 1.709p
9.Hapert 2.720p
12.Bierges 4.402p
13.Epernay 5.919p
17.Nanteuil 2.784p
20.Quievrain 6.814p
36. NPO Nanteuil 4.860p
Vader Nw Olympiade
Leo Heremans
Father of Nieuwe Olympiade
2.Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1.Quievrain 2.460p
2.Quievrain 2.790p
3.Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade was sold for
210.000? euro in 2013 Father
of 1. ACE Pioneer Club 2014
and sold for 275.000?
Mdr Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
Mother of Nieuwe Olympiade
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Sister of the mother of Bolt
the most expensive pigeon
in the Heremans auction and
sold for 310.000 euro?
Blue Bar
1.Quievrain 2.508p
1.Olympiade bird Poznan Cat F
1.Nat Ace Short Distance UK
1.Nat. ACE Yearlings Croatia
1.Prov. ACE S.D. Old Afd 10
1.Nat. ACE L.D. Romania 2017
1.Nat. ACE M.D. Croatia 2015
1.Nat. ACE S.D. Croatia 2015
1.ACE Breeders Fall Classic
1.NPO Morlincourt 6.297p
1.Budel 11.145p
1.Duiven 9.041p
1.Heusden 8.538p
1.Tienen 6.267p
1.Quievrain 6.153p
1.Abda 5.910p
1.Soissons 5.392p
1.Hasselt 3.572p
1.Nijvel 2.862p
1.Lessines 2.506p
1.Tabor 2.285p
1.Seregélyes 2.269p
1.Nanteuil 2.103p
1.Chantilly 1.703p
1.Gyongyos 1.637p
1.P. Picena 1.581p
1.Pommeroeul 1.284p
1.Gyongyos 1.224p
1.Zaječar 1.
Leo Heremans
Kadootje is (grand)mother
1.Nat Ace Yearling Allerbeste
1.Nat. ACE Romania Young 2015
1.Nat. ACE L.D. Romania 2017
2.Nat. ACE Allround 2017
1.Prov. Morlincourt 23.392p
1.NPO Morlincourt 8.903p
1.Soissons 5.392p
fastest from 14.630p
1.Quievrain 1.994p
1.Niergnies 1.597p
1.Bierges 1.463p
1.Geel 1.292p
1.Soissons 1.249p
1.Marche 1.219p
1.Charleville 1.204p
1.Chimay 1.085p
1.Quievrain 1.052p
2.Menen 3.151p
2.Quievrain 2.952p
3.Soissons 3.538p
3.Nanteuil 6.895p
6.Duffel 2.656p
6.Meaux 1.120p
6.Feluy 1.324p
Smoky Blue
Grandson of Olympiade 003
Dion is winner of:
5.Olympiade Pigeon Cat A 2009
1. Boxtel 4.131p
Fastest from 19.605p
1.Peronne 3.465p
4.Arras 7.572p
4.Strombeek 2.204p
9.Geel 1.469p
10.Peronne 1.819p
12.Geel 2.147p
16.Arras 2.120p
18.Duffel 3.547p
58. 9.164p
75.Haasrode. 4.060p
88.Pommeroel 906p
Superdaughter of Euro
Kim is (grand)mother
1.Geel 6.739p
1.NPO Peronne 6.668p
1.Strombeek 5.651p
1.St.Job 5.547p
1.Heusden 3.139p
1.Lessines 2.506p
1.P.Picena 1.850p
1.P.Picena 1.581p
2.Duffel 5.904p
2.S.Severo 1.250p
3.Zutphen 8.510p
3.Tilburg 5.560p
3.Deurne 3.280p
3.Senigallia 1.325p
4.P.Picena 1.850p
4.Ortona 1.570p
5.Deurne 7.598p
5.Laon 7.338p
5. NPO Chateauroux
against 2.397p
5.Menen 3.151p
6.Vuren 6.908p
8.St. Job 5.547p
25. NPO Blois 2010
against 2.998p
43. NPO Orleans
against 2.861p
Son of Olympiade 003
Jackpot is father of
-Olympic Vivian:
3.Olympiade Pigeon Middle
Distance Nitra 2013
1.NPO Nanteuil 8.663p
1.Meer 7.001p
1.Pommerouel 961p
2.NPO Breuil 5.848p
2.Breuil 4.396p
2.Pommeroeul 1.523p
-Di Caprio:
1.Quievrain 1.928p
1.Quievrain 1.580p
1.Quievrain 1.278p
3.Quievrain 1.267p
1.Pommerouel 4.946p
7. NPO Peronne 10.274p
9.Morlincourt 2.155p
4. NPO Breuil 5.848p
2.Peronne 3.676p
3.Pommeroeul 4.946p

Grandfather of Lynn:
1.Soissons 5.392p
1.Quievrain 1.052p
1.Soissons 1.249p
Caprio 592 Hen
Dirk van Dyck
Blue Bar
Daughter Di Caprio
Caprio 592 is (gr)mother to
3.Nat. Serbian Olympiade '15