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H & E.J Eijerkamp
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G. & S. Verkerk
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Son Flying Wonder, who won
1. Nat. Ace. pigeon PIPA
Yearlings in 2018
1. Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA
Allround in 2018
5. Nat. Olympiade pigeon
Yearlings Pozna
1.NPO Sezanne 13.628p
4.Laon 8.578p
6.Pt.St.Max 21.069p
5.Quievrain 3.312p
11.Melun 4.511p
Sister Indy
H & E.J Eijerkamp
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Daughter of Emilio:
super breeder and
(grand)father of:
1.Nat.ACE AU L.D. USA in 2014
3.Nat. ACE Hen WHZB
1.Nat. Mosty u Jabl.
1.NPO Bourges
4.NPO Salbris
4.NPO Chateaudun
5.NPO Troyes
7.NPO Chateauroux
8.Nat. Melun
9.NPO Chateaudun
G. & S. Verkerk
Blue Pied
15th National
Chateauroux 47539p

13.Chateauroux 14602p
9.Arras 3421p
18.Asse Zellik 3158p
27.Duffel 4103p
36.Peronne 5105p
Flying Wonder
G. & S. Verkerk
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1. Nat. Ace. Yearlings
1. Nat. Ace Allround
5. Nat. Ace pigeons
Olympiade Yearlings
beaten by 14 loft
mates on 4 races

1.NPO Sezanne 13.628p
4.Laon 8.578p
6.Pt.St.Max 21.069p
5.Quievrain 3.312p
11.Melun 4.511p
Emilio (son Fabio)
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
(Grand)father of:
1.Nat. ACE AU L.D.USA in 2014
2.Prov. ACE L.D.Section 8 in
3.Nat.ACE Allround WHZB 2015
1.NPO Bourges 6.187p
1.Nat. Mosty u Jabll 3.153p
1.Wakefield 1.324p
2.Quievrain 2.135p
3.Bierges 7.088p
4.NPO Chateaudun 3.621p
5.NPO Troyes nst 4.122p
7.Vervins 3.644p
7.Chalons 3.282p
7.NPO Chateauroux 2.200p
8.Sector Melun 10.654p
9.NPO Chateaudun 3.621p
9.Nat. Krmelin 2.970p
25.NPO Nanteuil 7.331p
25.Bierges 7.088p
Andy Murray
G. & S. Verkerk
Blue Pied
2nd Nat Acep. Long
Dist. Topwing 2013
3rd Prov. Acep Long
Distance NPO races
6th Nat. Chateauroux

6. Chateauroux 8864p
30.Bourges 13592p
12.Bourges 4961p
30.Argenton 7796p
60.Bourges 9896p
Magic Amoré
C. en G. Koopman
Smoky Chequer
Daughter Magic Man
Mother of Olympic Solange:
1.NPO Argenton
1.nat. ACE WHZB
1.Best Hen WHZB
1.Nat. ACE M.D.
1.Olympiade Pigeon
Dortmund Allround
Gr.Grandmother of:
1.InterNat. Agen 25.328p
G. & S. Verkerk
Smoky Blue
Father of
1.Nanteuil and
fastest from 31.438p
2.Nat. ACE Allround
PIPA 2015
11.Duffel 4.212p
22.Strombeek 5.108p
3.Meer 428p
113.Vierzon 14.964p
47.Strombeek 4.854p
Hot Shot
G. & S. Verkerk
Blue Bar
Hot Shot is winner
10.St. Just 7.316p
2.Duffel 988p
13.Duffel 4.103p
16.Quievrain 4.971p

Mother Flying Wonder
1.Nat Ace pigeon PIP
Yearling Allround
1.NPO Sezanne 13.628p
Mother Flying Dutchman
1. Nat. Vierzon 11.257p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
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Brother of Don Leo
Fabio is winner of:
26.Nat.NPO Montlucon 11.330p
27.Nat.NPO Montlucon 8.151p
50.Nat.NPO Souterain 6.555p
89.Nat.NPO Montlucon 5.178p
Children won:
2.Nat. NPO Orleans 14.285p
13.Nat NPO Orleans 14.285p
9.Chantilly 2.352p
61.Duffel 2.086p
Lara Croft
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Super breeding hen
Offsprings won:
1.Prov. ACE L.D. Sect. 8
2.Nat. ACE L.D. NPO in 2012
7.Nat. ACE L.D. Fondspiegel
1.InterNat. ACE Derby
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Kaïn won:
1.Peronne 5.535p
2.Strepy Thieu 8.468p
5.Haasrode 7.848p
9.St.Ghislain 2.486p
6. ACE S.D.
(Grand)father of:
1. NPO Breuil 7.793p
1. NPO Nanteuil 7.731p
1. NPO Bourges 6.187p
2. NPO Chateauroux 6.293p
3. NPO Peronne 10.274p
3.Nat. Blois 6.620p
Prima Hertog
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Daughter of
La Prima Vera: the
(grand)mother of: