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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Smoky Blue
Junius is winner of 2x 1st
7. Prov. Ace pigeon Afd. 8
Short Distance 2018
1.Tienen 2.469p
3.Nanteuil 2.168p
1.against 585p
6.Vervins 1.404p
8.Tienen 885p
15.Laon 2.755p
19.Quievrain 1.210p
22.Morlincourt 4.288p
28.Etrouengt 6.652p
29.Laon 1.266p
43.Niergnies 2.122p
48.Bierges 7.088p
Gebr. A & B Leideman
Daughter Speedy Grizzle
1.Nat Ace pigeon WHZB/BoTB
Speed/Natour in 2019
5.Prov. Niergnies 10.065p
6.Prov. Niergnies 6.829p
6.Quievrain 6.209p
27.Quievrain 3.325p
Only basketed 4 times in her
total career !!!
Raced at Eijerkamp

Sister is 1.Prov. Ace pigeon
Natour / Speed And 8 in 2020
Brother is winner of
1.Quievrain 12.177p
Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade(grand)father
1.Olympic Pigeon Hungary
Cat. A Short Distance 2022
1.Gowran Park 25.621p
1.Open Tullamore 20.315p
1.Prov. Chalons 20.306p
1.Nat. Fontenay 12.727p
1.NPO Tongeren 12.699p
1.Prov. Laon 11.179p
1.Prov. Laon 7.594p
1.Prov. Nanteuil 7.509p
1.Geel 6.739p
1.Quievrain 6.148p
1.Nat. Chalons 6.054p
1.NPO Nanteuil 4.457p
1.Quievrain 3.733p
1.Tongeren 2.572p
1.Quievrain 1.881p
1.Quievrain. 1.216p
1.Nat. Lieberec 2.105p
1.Chateauroux 1.754p
G. & S. Verkerk
Smoky Chequer
Inbred Bulldozer
winner of a.o.
2.NPO Tours 4.420p
3.Vierzon 5.615p
7.Vierzon 21.984p

Amiga is mother to
7. Prov. Ace pigeon
S.D. Afd 8 in 2018
1.Tienen. 2.469p
3.Nanteuil 2.168p
1.against 585p
6.Vervins 1.404p
7.Vuren 6.908p
15.Laon 2.755p
29.Laon 1.266p
43.Niergnies 2.122p
48.Bierges 7.088p

Gebr. A & B Leideman
Bor is winner of
2.Prov. Venlo 4.429p
6.Prov. Quievrain 10.570p
28.Prov. Rethel 9.673p
18.Prov. Hannut 5.447p
31.Prov. Isnes 8.525p
34.Prov. Hannut 8.753p
Bor is (grand)father
10.Nat. Ace Young PIPA 2020
1.Prov. Bierges 17.843p
1.Nat.Chalons 9.709p
1.Chimay 2.545p
1.Bierges 2.699p
1.Chimay 1.918p
1.Chimay 1.340p
2.Prov. Nanteuil 10.295p
2.Prov. Dizy le Gros 9.131p
2.Prov. Melun 5.956p
2.Niergnies 5.031p
2.Niergnies 1.089p
3.Prov. Chimay 10.217p
3.Quievrain 2.152p
6.Prov. Dizy le Gros 9.131p
6.Prov. Niergnies 9.870p
8.Prov. Niergnies 10.065p
8.NPO Laon 11.179p
8.Prov. Bierges 17.843p
10.Niergnies 5.573p
15.NPO Niergnies 8.599p
26.Prov. Niergnies 6.829p
38.NPO Morlincourt 8.903p
Vader Nw Olympiade
Leo Heremans
Father of Nieuwe Olympiade
2.Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1.Quievrain 2.460p
2.Quievrain 2.790p
3.Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade was sold for
210.000? euro in 2013 Father
of 1. ACE Pioneer Club 2014
and sold for 275.000?
Mdr Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
Mother of Nieuwe Olympiade
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Sister of the mother of Bolt
the most expensive pigeon
in the Heremans auction and
sold for 310.000 euro?
G. & S. Verkerk
Blue Bar
18.Bourges 9.896p
39.Peronne 19.278p
17.Ruffec 3.875p
44.Argenton 6.926p
26.Pommero. 3.105p
G. & S. Verkerk
Light Chequer
Mother of Feline:
14x 1:100
Best pigeon in Verkerk loft
2011 and 2012
Patrick Boeckx
Superbreeder, father
1.S-prov. Ace pigeon Speed in
1.Venlo 4.429p
1.Tongeren 770p
2.Venlo 4.429p
2.Arlon 763p
3.against 11.336p
4.Tongeren 926p
4.against 7.115p
5.Deurne 4.299p
6.Quievrain 10.570p

W. Roeper
Dark Chequer
Daughter Olympic 16

Olympic 16 is winner of
7. Nat Ace cock Germany 2012
2. Olympiad bird Germany 2013
1. / 3.684 pigeons 226km
1. / 2.808 pigeons 156km
1. / 1.791 pigeons 240km
2. / 4.012 pigeons 326km
2. / 3.756 pigeons 416km
3. / 2.127 pigeons 602km
4. / 5.183 pigeons 416km
Gebr. A & B Leideman
Blue Bar
Viton is winner of
1.Deurne 4.299p
3.Weert 11.059p
3.Venlo 3.696p
7.Gennep 6.676p

Viton is father of
1.Nat. Ace Natour WHZB 2019
1.Prov. Ace Speed/Natour 2021
1.Prov. Ace Short distance'22
1.Quievrain 12.633p
1.Heusden-Zolder 7.320p
Viton is grandfather to
1.Gennep 12.570p
1.Marche 10.983p
1.Arlon 3.722p
1.Tienen 3.260p
2.Burdinne 7.245p
5.Quievrain 8.996p