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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Granddaughter Tanguy
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue Bar
Father inbred Fabio
Offsprings of Fabio:
1.Sittard 16.739p
1.Hapert 11.146p
1.Weert 10.251p
1.NPO Bourges 6.187p
1.Mons 4.830p
1.Soissons 4.417p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Smoky Chequer
10.Prov Ace LD Section 8 2022
12.Bierges 5.537p
18.Chimay 3,540p
21.Prov. Laon 11,179p
28.Quievrain 1,509p
35.Nanteuil 3,858p
41.Chalons en Champagn 1,251p
49.Chateaudun 1,528p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Son of Fabiano
(Grand)father of:
11.Prov. ACE L.D. Section 8
in 2015
4.Etroeungt 24.120p
5.NPO Breuil 8.836p
6.Prov Soiss. 8.001p
9.NPO Orleans 2.351p
9.NPO Chateauroux 2.200p
9.NPO Melun 2.233p
14.NPO Chateauroux 2.335p
18.NPO Tours 2.924p
19.NPO Gien 7.845p
19.Epernay 3.400p
25.Quievrain 3.529p
31.Bourges 9.579p
42.Vervins 6.240p
46.Geel 6.739p
48.Niergnies 7.100p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Halfsister Irish Mist
6.Million Dollar Race 2010
against 3.155p
Dana is (Gr)mother of
5.NPO Issoudun 4.462p
15.NPO Nanteuil 5.215p
22.NPO Chateaudun 5.269p
29.NPO Blois 1.707p
33.Nat. Melun 2016 10.654p
41.NPO Issodun 1.943p
44.NPO Troyes 3.836p
56.NPO Melun 1.295p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Blue White Flight
Kania is mother to
21.NPO Laon 11.179p
27.NPO Morlincourt 8.903p
36.NPO Nanteuil 7.509p
43.NPO Morlincourt 8.903p
90.NPO Nanteuil 7.509p

Kania is grandmother
1. Nat Bialystock 21.523p
1. Morlincourt 2.309p
2. Prov. Ace Youngster
Up-North (Canada) in 2022
8. NPO Nanteuil 17.101p
9. NPO Chateauroux 2.273p
22.NPO Quievrain 13.286p
39.NPO Bierges 18.230p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Halfbrother of Ché out of
Fabio X Britt (Mother Ché)
Fabiano is winner of
3.Strombeek 1.331p
4.Duffel 6.451p
5.Geel 2.147p
9.Haasrode 12.149p
7.NPO Peronne 6.346p
13.NPO Peronne 6.644p
24.NPO Gien 3.987p
Fabiano is brother:
9.Nat. Cheateauroux
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Splash
Fabiola won:
6.Nat. Blois 6.220p
(Grand)mother of:
2. PO Peronne 2007 9.830p
5. NPO Breuil 8.836p
16.Nat. Blois 2010 24.774p
33.NPO Blois 4.229p
55.NPO Blois 2.998p
64.NPO Noord Blois 4.229p
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Light Chequer
Son of Ché x Tara
Ramos is Co-winner 1.Semi-Nat
Championship NU 500-700km '09
6.NPO Chateauroux 3.046p
8.Pommeroeul 1.619p
48.NPO Blois 4.229p
Mooie Blauwe
Van Loon
Blue Bar
Granddaughter of Silvester
Mother of: 6.Sun City Million
Dollar Race 2010 3.155p
24.NPO Ablis 5.307p
Halfsister of Kasper:
2.ACE L.D.Sect.8 '04
4.Peronne 9.833p
6.Peronne 4.792p
6.Bourges 2.042p
G. & S. Verkerk
Light Chequer
Gavin is winner
18.Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB 2013
17.Peronne 11.269p
49.Peronne 19.278p
13.NPO Ruffec 3.875p
60.NPO Tours 11.759p
37.NPO Sens 6.570p
Gavin is father to
3 NPO Ruffec 3.780p
6 NPO Bourges 13.431p
10 Nat S2 Argenton 8.702p
2 NPO Pontoise 15.351p
6 s-prov. Pontoise 13.726p
G. & S. Verkerk
Smoky Chequer
Best young hen Natour in the
Bonita won:
10.Peronne 1.682p
46.Pommeroeul 5.627p
48.Pommeroeul 4.910p

Daughter Olympic Solange
1. Dutch Olympiade Pigeon
Allround 2009
1.Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB 2008
1.Nat. Ace pigeon NPO
Middle Distance in 2009
1.NPO Argenton 6.595p
Special Kaïn
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Super breeding cock and
father of
2.Nat Ace Middle Distance
Youngsters Fondspiegel 2018
12.Nat Ace pigeon
Long Distance WHZB 2020
9.Final Pattaya OLR 2018
1.NPO Nanteuil 7.331p
1.Quievrain 2.135p
2.Tienen 3.734p
3.NPO Fay aux Loges 9.218p
7.Peronne 3.307p
14.NPO Chateaudun 3.543p

Special Kain is grandfather
1.Nat. Bialystock 21.563p
1.Chalons 1.579p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Daughter of Fabiola
Halfsister of:
2.NPO Peronne 2007 9.830p