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Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue White Flight
Daughter of Miss Antonia
Mother of:
1.NPO Peronne 14.253p
3.NPO Orleans 5.783p
3.NPO Peronne 14.253p
11.Nat. Blois 17.591p
38.Nat. Blois 24.774p
3.Nivelles 1.647p
4.Pommeroeul 1.626p
49. NPO Chateaudun 3.675p
50.NPO Orleans 5.582p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Son of Chicago and Denver
Father of:
1.Peronne 9.833p
1.Maaseike 3.163p
1.Le Mans 2.745p
4.Nat. NPO 11.428p
2.Boxtel 2.218p
2.Haasrode 2.143p
Grandchild won:
1. Nat ACE young in Romania
Miss Antonia
Eijerkamp - Janssen × van Loon
Blue Bar
1.NPO Bourges 2004 10.040p
1.Boxtel 2.218p
2.PS Maxence 2.173p
5.Orleans 5.825p
41.Nat. NPO (1+2) 11.725p
11.Hensies 10.973p
15.Orleans 4.048p
67.NPO 1+2 8.440p
19.Ghislain 11.591p
23.Heverlee 2.042p
30.Tess'loo 9.225p
31.Ghislain 7.582p
35.Peronne 9.833p
45.Houdeng 11.797p
45.Orleans 1.718p
Grandmother of:
13. NPO Creil 11.432p
van Loon
Blue Bar
Grandfather of Ché
Top breeding cock
Father of Goliath:
1.Ghislain 4.362p
Father of Gigi:
1.Houdeng 9.727p
Father of Abel:
3.Nat. Car Winner yearling
Father of Kain:
1.Peronne 5.535p
2.Strepy Th. 8.468p
5.Haasrode 7.848p
Grandfather of 1.Nat
München sector 3
Via Staf Theeuwes
van Loon
Super breeding hen
Mother of Goliath:
1. Ghislain 4.362p
5. Maxence 5.971p
18. Nat.Chateauroux 6.410p
A daughter won in'98
1. Houdeng 9.727p
Grandmother Pride
1. Maxence 7.873p
2. Nat.Bourges 9.106p
1. Houdeng 6.763p
1. Niergnies 2.717p
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Father Miss Antonia
Miss Antonia won:
1. NPO Bourges 2004
against 10.040p
1. Boxtel 2.218p
2. PS Maxence 2.173p
5. Orleans 5.825p
41.Nat. NPO (1+2)
against 11.725p
11. Hensies 10.973p
15. Orleans 4.048p
67. NPO 1+2 8.440p
19. Ghislain 11.591p
23. Heverlee 2.042p
30. Tess'loo 9.225p
31. Ghislain 7.582p
35. Peronne 9.833p
45. Houdeng 11.797p
45. Orleans 1.718p
Silver Rolls
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue White Flight
Daughter of Silver Shadow
Super breeding hen Mother
Miss Antonia
1.Nat. NPO Bourges 10.040p
Grandmother Michelle
1.Nat. NPO Bourges 7.600p
De Roodoger
van Loon

1. Prov.
La Soutteraine 1990
La Soutteraine
Afterwards sold to
kld 1e Nat.La Soutte
van Loon
Granddaughter 1.Nat.
La Soutteraine I
and 1.Nat.
La Soutteraine II'84
zoon 1e Nat.La Soutt
van Loon

Father won: 1. Nat.
La Soutteraine-I '84
Mother won: 1. Nat.
La Soutteraine-II'84
Zus Chicago
van Loon
Blue Bar
Daughter Roodoger
Roodoger won:
1.Prov. and 7.Nat.
La Soutteraine 1990
Granddaughter from
the breeder whose
son is '84 1.Nat. La
Soutteraine I & II
Porsche Bond
Alwin Petrie
Blue Bar
1.Prov. ACE 1996
Sect. Rijn IJssel
(1300 members)
Won 2 x 1. prize
Grandfather of:
- Catharina Amalia
1.Nat. Troyes
- Miss Antonia
1.Nat. NPO Bourges
- Mister Bond
1.Nat. Bourges
Star Angel
Blue Bar
Super breeding hen
from Generaal and
daughter Rocky 83
She is (grand)mother
of many crackers
such as: Catharina
Miss Antonia,Amalia
Silver Shadow
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Winner of:
1.Etampes 6.337p
1.Peronne 2.646p
1.Etampes 918p
2.Sens 2.305p
2.Pt St Max 1.298p
Silver Shadow is a grandson
from the super breeding pair
Louis and Suzanne Silver
Shadow is a Top breeder,
won: 1/6475 1/3378
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Daughter Rominger x
Daughter Superkoppel
Rominger is father:
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