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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Light Chequer
Son of Ché x Tara
Ramos is Co-winner 1.Semi-Nat
Championship NU 500-700km '09
6.NPO Chateauroux 3.046p
8.Pommeroeul 1.619p
48.NPO Blois 4.229p
Janssen-Arendonk × van Loon
Blue Bar
Ché is the winner of
1.NPO Orleans 14.285p
1.Arras 9.641p
7.NPO Noord Orleans 6.122p
9.Nat. NPO Orleans 18.184p
Ché is (grand)father
1.Nat. ACE Long Distance
Fondspiegel in 2013
1.Nat. ACE Allround Romania
1.Ace Pioneer Club 2017
1.Final Mira Derby 2016
1.Final Who Dares Wins '17
1.NPO Peronne 38.775p
1.Nivelles 27.965p
1.NPO Laon 27.258p
1.Weert 20.388p
1.Epernay 13.077p
1.Nat. Bourges 8.579p
1.NPO Tours 6.565p
1.NPO Peronne 5.282p
1.NPO Blois 4.863p
1.Peronne 4.813p
1.NPO Nanteuil 4.457p
1.Strombeek 3.988p
1.Strombeek 3.948p
1.Marche 3.845p
1.NPO Sezanne 3.808p
1.Coober Pedy 3.130p
2.NPO Peronne 19.450p
2.Louviere 18.551p
2.Peronne 18.538p
C. en G. Koopman
Daughter of Kleine Dirk
Tara won:
20.Etampes 8.794p
6.Boxtel 2.347p
51.Houdeng 16.027p
127.Wijchen 13.410p
226.Orleans 10.039p
Vader Ché
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Son Tornado
Father of Ché:
1. Arras 9.641p
1.Nat. NPO Orleans
2006 14.285p
7.NPO Noord Orleans
2005 6.122p
9.Nat. NPO Orleans 18.184p
9.Bourges 1.834p
Britt Moeder Ché
Daughter of Chicago and Miss
Mother of Ché:
1.Arras 9.641p
1.Nat. NPO Orleans 06 14.285p
7.NPO Noord Orleans05 6.122p
9.Nat. NPO Orleans 18.184p
9.Bourges 1.834p
Also mother of:
7.Chantilly 2.352p
10.Harchies 5.807p
27.Lommel 10.741p
41.Boxtel 2.644p
50.Boxtel 2.644p
60.Nat. NPO Orleans 14.285p
Kleine Dirk
C. en G. Koopman
Kleine Dirk Phenomenal racer
5.World Champions Young VL
1.ACE Nederland Vredesduif
1.NPO Troyes 17.833p
1.NPO Bourges 7.155p
1.Maaseik 3.522p
2.Lommel 3.612p
3.Hasselt 2.668p
4.Boxtel 10.093p
6.Chimay 16.306p
Van Hove-Uytterhoeven
Amira is mother of
Bassira 00-002:
1.Niergnies 10.159p
1.Hannut 4.414p
2.Chimay 4.149p
De Tornado
Blue Bar
Winner 9 x 1. Prize
Father of:
1.Nat.München 2001
against 2.874p
1. Roosendaal 2.906p
2. Minderhout 2.637p
4. Ghislain 3.412p
5. Kapellen 6.988p
9. Ghislain 5.244p
9. Chantilly 3.051p
Daughter Tornado won
1.Tessenderlo 8.287p
Grandchildren won:
1.Nat.NPO Orleans'06
against 14.285p
1.Arras 9.641p
1.Strephy Th 3.062p
1.Chantilly 1.603p
Porsche 675
Blue Bar
Daughter Rush Bond
x Porsche Bond
Granddaughter of
Goldrush 88 and
daughter James Bond
1. Chantilly 1.603p
1. Strepy Th 3.062p
3. Boxtel 2.929p
4. Hensies 4.101p
6. Peronne 2.124p
7. Niergnies 3.205p
8. Lommel 3.877p
van Loon
Blue Bar
Grandfather of Ché
Top breeding cock
Father of Goliath:
1.Ghislain 4.362p
Father of Gigi:
1.Houdeng 9.727p
Father of Abel:
3.Nat. Car Winner yearling
Father of Kain:
1.Peronne 5.535p
2.Strepy Th. 8.468p
5.Haasrode 7.848p
Grandfather of 1.Nat
München sector 3
Via Staf Theeuwes
Miss Saigon
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Grandmother of Ché
Miss Saigon won:
2.Nat. ACE S.D. Nederland
WHZB 2000
2.Minderhout 16.639p
8.St Ghisl 11.275p
11.Minderh. 18.914p
31.Nijvel 13.845p
46.Minderh. 19.238p
55.Duffel 13.910p
90.St Quent 12.072p
Mother of Abel:
3.Nat. Car Winner yearling
Best of the Best 2004
Mother of Kain:
1.Peronne 5.535p
2.Strepy Th. 8.468p
5.Haasrode 7.848p
C. en G. Koopman
Olympiade Pigeon
Basel 1997 allround
2. & 4. WK Fond 1994
1.Minderhout 1.407p
2.Minderhout 4.355p
2.Orleans 1.768p
2.Nijvel 1.671p
11.Duffel 4.160p
Golden Lady
Dirk van Dyck
Daughter Kannibaal
Mother Klein Dirk:
1. NPO Troyes
1. NPO Bourges
1. ACE Netherlands
5. WK Young
Foundation hen at
Mother of:
Annelies, Yi Min
Golden Boy
Van Hove-Uytterhoeven
Blue White Flight
Golden Boy is the
father Miss Tornado
4. Olympiade Pigeon
South Afrika
Cape Town
Van Hove-Uytterhoeven

Annabel is the
mother Miss Tornado
4. Olympiade Pigeon
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