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Pigeon race results (1:4)

Pigeon race results 2016
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17/04/16 Duffel (161,983 km) 09:05 ZW 5982 birds 6-12-20-24-44-49-50-51-53-56 etc. (65/146 = 44.5%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 451 3-5-6-7-10-12-13-14-15-16 etc. 55 146 37.7%
Area the IJssel 1232 6-11-16-17-23-27-28-29-30-31 etc. 54 146 37.0%
Flying Area SE 5982 6-12-20-24-44-49-50-51-53-56 etc. 65 146 44.5%

Today, finally for the first time this year, 2016, we could fly our first pigeon race. The weather forecast was not all that good, low temperatures and a chance of rain were predicted.
But, with well trained birds and a stiff wind on their backs the weather was no problem.
The speeds flown were very high for the first pigeons, reaching almost 2,000 mpm.
This year we are flying from several lofts and we are also flying with widowhood cocks. The first pigeon was very high and all alone, it took a short for it to come down, after which the rest of the pigeons came like a train, in 5 minutes we had 45 in the clock.

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17/07/16 Asse Zellik (189,224 km) 15:15 WZW 3312 birds 5-7-9-19-31-39-40-41 etc. (49/196 = 25.0%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 716 2-4-5-8-11-12-14 etc. 43 196 21.9%
Flying Area SE 3312 5-7-9-19-31-39-40-41 etc. 49 196 25.0%

Shortly after the first pigeons from Nanteuil were home, the young birds dropped. We had high expectations as last week they came really well despite the problems with the EC system which failed to clock at least twenty birds.
It soon became clear they weren’t going to come like last week. Because they were being clocked on two separate systems it was hard to get a total picture. But, it was soon plain to see that we were going to have a disappointing result this week.
Why, no idea. These youngsters have been down the road more than 30 times, being released in small groups.
There is no point in speculating as that won’t provide an answer to the problem.

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15/05/16 Laon (329,577 km) 09:00 NW 1097 birds 2-9-15-16-17-19-26-28-35-37-37 etc. (53/117 = 45.3%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 436 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-12-13-14-1617enz 53 117 45.3%
Area the IJssel 1097 2-9-15-16-17-19-26-28-35-37-37 etc. 53 117 45.3%
Flying Area SE 5146 8-32-61-68-69-73 etc. 60 117 51.3%

Today we had Laon on our schedule which, with the fluctuations in the weather became an endurance contest. One week the temperatures shot up and the next week they dipped to record lows and while waiting  for our birds we even had to deal with hail.
It was surprising how well the birds came home, but the weather had improved during the week, at least for us humans, but this week conditions seemed to be difficult for the pigeons.

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15/08/16 Duffel (160,917 km) 10:20 WZW 1055 birds 2-4-7-10-11-12-13-14-15 etc. (68/96 = 70.8%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 1055 2-4-7-10-11-12-13-14-15 etc. 68 96 70.8%
Flying Area SE 5273 12-14-17-21-24-31-46-47-48-49 etc. 72 96 75.0%

Today we flew the first natour race. The reports on Teletext and the Sect 8 website were not very positive on the opportunities for releasing the pigeons, but in the end it turned out well.
Once the pigeons came, it was a pleasure seeing them come home, within 10 minutes, 73 pigeons of the 96 shipped were in the clock.

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25/07/16 NPO Issoudun (647,481 km) 07:30 WNW 1943 birds 4-11-13-14-17-18-30-31-35-35 etc. (30/47 = 63.8%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 250 1-2-4-5-7-8-11-12-13-15 etc. 25 47 53.2%
Flying Area SE 1168 2-3-5-6-9-10-14-15-18-20 etc. 30 47 63.8%
Section 8 South (NPO) 1943 4-11-13-14-17-18-30-31-35-35 etc. 30 47 63.8%
Section 8 (NPO) 3764 9-26-31-32-41-44-64-65-70 etc. 30 47 63.8%

After one-day delay due to unfavourable weather conditions, the pigeons were released for their last dagfond race of 2016, at 7:30 am.
Happily, a nice, early release under favourable weather conditions, all indications we were in for a good race.  No extreme winds and pleasant temperatures to sit and wait for the pigeons.
After flying a very good series last week with the top 4 in the section we were full of hope.
To this point the season have been extremely variable, some fantastic results but also some very disappointing ones. But, today proved that our trust in our pigeons was not misplaced.


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08/05/16 Quievrain (255,678 km) 09:15 OZO 1350 birds 3-9-11-13-14-18-22-29-33 etc. (55/133 = 41.4%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 544 1-4-5-6-7-10-11-15-16-18-19 etc. 57 133 42.9%
Area the IJssel 1350 3-9-11-13-14-18-22-29-33 etc. 55 133 41.4%
Flying Area SE 6043 25-92-110115-116-131-172 etc. 56 133 42.1%

We have waited a long time for it and finally summer is here. But the temperatures rising from barely 10 degrees to 25+ degrees in just a few days is probably not the best way to go into summer.
With the wind coming out of the east, many yearlings had a tough day. The speeds across the country varied by quite a large margin. In some Sections the speeds flown reached ,1600 mpm, while our speed for the first bird clocked was 1,363 mpm and the second pigeon clocked more than 3 minutes later.
For many pigeon it was a tough day and and the yearlings experienced a day, the like of which they hadn’t seen yet. 

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08/08/16 Laon vliegveld (329,577 km) 11:00 WZW 412 birds 1-7-8-11-13-15-17-18-19 etc. (31/101 = 30.7%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 412 1-7-8-11-13-15-17-18-19 etc. 31 101 30.7%
Flying Area SE 1595 13-43-44-54-58-64-72-73-76 etc. 35 101 34.7%

The young birds flew from Laon this week and once more had to deal with bad weather. Rain showers moving to the east took longer to do so then we would have liked.
The first pigeons came well, but the next ones came slower, as they have every week this year.

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12/07/16 NPO Chateauroux (670,796 km) 07:00 WZW 1574 birds 5-14-17-22-25-29-35-48 etc. (24/37 = 64.9%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 163 2-3-5-6-7-8-10-12-18 etc. 20 37 54.1%
Area the IJssel 321 2-5-7-9-10-11-13-19 etc. 21 37 56.8%
Flying Area SE 1574 5-14-17-22-25-29-35-48 etc. 24 37 64.9%
Section 8 South (NPO) 2777 9-28-33-41-49-56-63 etc. 24 37 64.9%

After the spectacle with the young birds, we waited for National Chateauroux for which we had entered 37 pigeons. The weather was perfect for a change, not like that of previous dagfond races earlier this year. It hasn’t gone very well for us so far this year, so our expectations weren’t real high, but we can be satisfied with a 5th in the Regio and very, very satisfied with a 65% prize percentage.

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