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Pigeon race results (1:4)

Pigeon race results 2016
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20/06/16 Nanteuil le Haudouin (408,230 km) 09:00 NW 2319 birds 8-15-16-21-24-28-43-44-45 etc. (24/40 = 60.0%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 227 1-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-12 etc. 24 40 60.0%
Area the IJssel 569 2-5-6-9-10-12-18-19-20 etc. 24 40 60.0%
Flying Area SE 2319 8-15-16-21-24-28-43-44-45 etc. 24 40 60.0%

After several weeks racing under what could best be described as not the best of conditions, we finally had a race released on time, with good speeds, no rain on the race course and arrivals at the expected time of day.
It’s true, the race was held over for 1 day but, that is always better than racing on another rough day and the pigeons having a difficult time getting home.
Due to the unhappy circumstances at Greenfield Stud we were on the wrong side of the ledger for awhile. Happily the pigeons flew well and produced a wonderful result.
With 13 positions in the first 100 against 2,319 pigeons and a prize percentage above 50% we are back in the results, where we want to be.
When closing the traps that evening, the pigeons were all home, but one. Something we were not accustomed to the last few weeks.

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28/06/16 Laon (329,577 km) 12:40 NW 248 birds 1-2-4-6-8-11-14-15-19 etc. (17/40 = 42.5%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 248 1-2-4-6-8-11-14-15-19 etc. 17 40 42.5%
Area the IJssel 576 15-17-20-22-28-33 etc. 17 40 42.5%
Flying Area SE 2384 65-89-99-108 etc. 17 40 42.5%

It is becoming a habit, every time the weekend rolls around, it seems to rain, making it impossible to have a good and enjoyable race. Earlier in the afternoon NPO Blois arrived in the rain and a while later the birds from Laon come home under the same conditions. On the weather forecast on TV they said that it hadn’t rained all that much, they must have fallen asleep as at times the rain came down in buckets. Actually, you would be happy if the pigeons come home in weather like this. That wasn’t to be. After flying in the rain for several hours they can’t help but give up and go down. Hopefully most will come later, as there are still many pigeons not yet back in their lofts. At 21:00 hours we still had 31 of the 40 sent home and at 8:00 hours Sunday morning we had 38.

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01/08/16 Menen (254,021 km) 10:15 WZW 470 birds 2-3-4-7-9-13-26-27 etc. (39/113 = 34.5%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 470 2-3-4-7-9-13-26-27 etc. 39 113 34.5%
Flying Area SE 2250 26-29-30-43-49 etc. 35 113 31.0%

We all know that 2016 will go down in history as a very unstable year, weather wise. Week after week it was questionable whether or not the birds could or would be released. This weekend just past was not at all unusual in this respect, as the race was held over till Sunday. The weather service also advised us to move to a more westerly location, thus the pigeons were released from Menen instead of Quievrain, the station we originally had on our schedule for this weekend.
The pigeons were released at 10:15 and likely flew into a few westerly moving showers, but further had acceptable weather conditions.
Luckily, for once all the clocking systems were working , which meant we could watch for our pigeons stress free.
In total we had shipped 113 pigeons of which 73 were entered in the name of Hans and Evert and 41 in the name of Lotte Eijerkamp.

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22/05/16 Soissons (356,258 km) 09:00 Zuid 425 birds 2-4-5-6-9-11-19-21-22-24-28-30 etc. (42/112 = 37.5%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 425 2-4-5-6-9-11-19-21-22-24-28-30 etc. 42 112 37.5%
Area the IJssel 1132 12-14-16-17-32-34 etc. 40 112 35.7%
Flying Area SE 5339 30-36-41-43-79-87 etc. 56 112 50.0%

One week before the first dagfond race the pigeons were release from Soissons today. Following the up and down temperature trend it was a warm weekend again with a strong tailwind.
We had shipped all our pigeons that are slated to race next week from Gien and they didn’t get too hard a race today. What went wrong with the first pigeons we still don’t know but we are sure that there was at least a minute between one and two, while the clock shows only ten seconds.

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29/05/16 Melun (455,671 km) 13:00 NO 3873 birds 21-26-31-36-49 etc. (26/70 = 37.1%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 303 1-3-4-5-6-9-13-15-16-19 etc. 24 70 34.3%
Area the IJssel 570 5-10-11-12-14-30-41-46 etc. 22 70 31.4%
Flying Area SE 2454 14-19-23-28-37 etc. 24 70 34.3%
Section 8 South (NPO) 3873 21-26-31-36-49 etc. 26 70 37.1%

You look forward to it and have been working long and hard to get the pigeons ready for the first dagfond race. Then, finally its here and for days, leading up to the weekend, our hopes were high and then weather conditions threw a wrench in the works. But still the pigeons are shipped and you hope for a sensible release. It wasn’t possible to let the birds up in Gien and they were taken back to Sens, but weather condition there weren’t favourable either, finally the pigeons went up from Melun at 13:00 hrs. The KNMI warned of strong thunder storms, local hail and heavy rain. We all know that with these kind of weather conditions, flying a good honest race is next to impossible. Even worse you also know, that many pigeons won’t reach their loft that evening. That’s exactly what happened, at 21:55 hrs., when it began to get dark, there were only 32 of the 70 pigeons shipped safe and sound in the loft.
Hopefully many pigeons will come home tomorrow.

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28/06/16 NPO Blois (611,240 km) 07:30 NW 1387 birds 9-11-13-14-15-78 etc. (10/35 = 28.6%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 147 1-2-3-4-5-12-15 etc. 11 35 31.4%
Area the IJssel 297 4-5-6-7-8-25 etc. 10 35 28.6%
Flying Area SE 1387 9-11-13-14-15-78 etc. 10 35 28.6%
Section 8 South (NPO) 2659 25-27-35-36-43-168-299 etc. 8 35 22.9%
Section 8 4863 41-47-78-79-99 etc. 9 35 25.7%

The recipe seems to be, rain every week. The birds couldn’t escape the weather this week either. An enormous rain complex right on the line of flight, just as the pigeons should be dropping. Depressing, how can you test and judge pigeons under these circumstances.
The greater the distance, the more difficult it becomes for the pigeons and that’s the same for most of us.   
A half hour after our first pigeons we had 6 pigeons home of the 35 shipped is the result.
We were lucky and had 31 of the 35 home the following day at 8 in the morning.

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25/07/16 Asse Zellik (189,224 km) 12:00 WNW 2456 birds 18-19-23-77-90 etc. (46/126 = 36.5%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 515 6-7-8-15-18-26-33 etc. 34 126 27.0%
Flying Area SE 2456 18-19-23-77-90 etc. 46 126 36.5%

Ideal conditions for racing have been hard to come by this season. One week its rain that hinders the pigeons and the following week we have to deal with high temperatures which are also not ideal. In short, this week’s race was postponed to Sunday and even then the time of release was not early.
We again had entered 126 young pigeons under two different names. We left 20 some home as we felt they weren’t ready.
The Olympic motto is "participating is more important than winning", with young birds it’s "more important that they come home rather than winning".
Again we had problems with the EC system, resulting in a number of pigeons not being clocked. This is giving us food for thought, we will have to look for a solution.

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12/06/16 Laon (329,577 km) 13:20 NO 616 birds 5-48-76-77-90 etc. (5/10 = 50.0%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 226 2-12-21-22-26-41 etc. 6 10 60.0%
Area the IJssel 616 5-48-76-77-90 etc. 5 10 50.0%
Flying Area SE 2766 38-274-433-434-491 etc. 5 10 50.0%

Once again the birds couldn’t be let up early and as a result arrived home late in the day. After the emotional events of the past week combined with the bad weather our hopes were somewhat muted.
That’s why the number of pigeons we had shipped were also on the low side.

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03/07/16 La Ferte/s Jouarre (412,745 km) 08:30 WZW 121 birds 1-3-4-6-8-9-10-12 etc. (15/37 = 40.5%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 121 1-3-4-6-8-9-10-12 etc. 15 37 40.5%
Area the IJssel 440 15-17-32-41-46-47 etc. 10 37 27.0%
Flying Area SE 1885 76-81-134-153 etc. 11 37 29.7%

A release point from which have never flown, was the starting line for the pigeons today. A middle distance race with wind on their backs, had to be a fast one. Our expectations were not too high, considering the performance of the just past week. The form didn’t want to come and form can’t be forced. Waiting patiently has to be the motto but you want it so bad. Sometimes you don’t get everything you want.

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05/06/16 Asse Zellik (189,224 km) 14:00 NO 943 birds 8-11-22-23-24-26 etc. (14/37 = 37.8%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Club 311 2-4-5-6-7-8-18-20-2123enz 16 37 43.2%
Area the IJssel 943 8-11-22-23-24-26 etc. 14 37 37.8%
Flying Area SE 3716 33-61-99-103 etc. 14 37 37.8%

Under sad and difficult circumstances, that is the passing of our very good friend Martin Geven, this weekend became even more unpleasant with a tedious and annoying race.
It was difficult to find any smiling faces this weekend and we don’t need to tell you, that a race like the one we had didn’t make it any better.  At first the race was to be flown from St. Quentin but the birds were brought back to Vervins and than to Asse Zellik and when the pigeons could not be let up there the trailer drove to Quievrain and even from there they it was a no go. The decision was made to hold the pigeons till Sunday and the birds were taken back to Asse Zellik. The weather Sunday morning was unsettled and was not suitable for a release.  Finally, the pigeons were let up at 14:00 from Asse Zellik.

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