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Pigeon race results (1:4)

Pigeon race results 2021
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21/08/21 Châlons-en-Champagne (366,247 km) 08:15 Variabel 696 birds 18-19-20-25-33-34-40-49-51-52-53-55 etc. (32/122 = 26.2%)
Level Pigeons Result Prizes (1:4) Boxed Percentage
Area the IJssel 696 18-19-20-25-33-34-40-49-51-52-53-55 etc. 32 122 26.2%
Flying Area SE 1450 30-32-33-40-50-51-59 etc. 39 122 32.0%
On this page you can see the arrivals of our pigeons from the race from Châlons-en-Champagne (366km).
Hans and Evert Jan basketed 75 pigeons and Lotte 47 pigeons .
It was a disappointing result and we must look for the cause.
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