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Introduction of the Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons


In 2012 we purchased, on the advice of Willem de Bruijn, a round of youngsters from Stefaan Lambrechts, because due to prior commitments, we did not have enough speed (short distance) pigeons for ourselves.
We intended to race these youngsters on the young bird races, but due to the heavy losses being experienced by almost everyone we decided to keep our youngsters back and not race them till the late summer races (natour).
On the second natour race it was bingo, when one of the Lambrechts pigeons was our first one home.
A few weeks later the Lambrechts pigeons were 1st and 2nd in the region from Peronne against 2,623 pigeons and a week after that from Morlincourt there were 4 Lambrechts in our first 5 home.
That’s why we decided to purchase another round in 2013 which again, as youngsters, were only flown on the natour races.
In 2014 another round of youngsters came to Greenfield Stud and these were destined, after going through a selection process, for the breeding loft.
We have an agreement with Stefaan, assuring us, that in the future we will be able to bring in any new Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons.
Stefaan has also agreed that he will come here, to help us pair up his pigeons.