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The origin of the Stefaan Lambrechts strain


Stefaan Lambrechts (1978) was infected by the pigeon virus at a very early age and even now the virus is having its influence on Stefaan’s passion for the racing pigeon sport. As a two year old boy he learned how to work with the birds on the lofts of his uncle Cyriel, you could say he was born into the sport.
In 1987, when Stefaan was only 9 years old, he began, with the support of his uncles Cyriel and Emmanuel, to race pigeons on his own. It very quickly became apparent that Stefaan had an innate talent for racing pigeons as in 1998 he had an outstanding year. At that time he only flew the shorter distances up to Quievrain and Noyon.
In 2009 some adjustments were made to his system and only the cocks were sent to the short distances and the hens were sent to the middle distances.
Stefaan has a small contracting business which takes up a lot of his time and due to lack of time, for a while now, he races young birds only.
Stefaan Lambrechts’ pigeon family is build up out of pigeons acquired from Geert Lambrechts (no relation), the late Jos van Loock from Berlaar, Bart Hendrickx from Berlaar, Leo Heremans and mainly out of pigeons originating from Dirk van den Bulck from Gobbendonk. These last pigeons have had a immense influence on his current family.