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Wolf, Simon, (Testimonials Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp)

National Stars Shine Thanks to Eijerkamp

The success of our racing ( homing ) pigeons and breeding methods can be witnessed anew every year by the great number of thank you messages we receive. We read these thank you messages with great enthusiasm as the information they contain helps us keep our breeding pigeons at a top-level.

If you have straight, half or one quarter Eijerkamp racing pigeon that are performing well, mail your achievements to or click on the link send your results and not only you but your fellow fanciers will see your performance on our site.

Wolf, Simon,

1st Vidigal against 1,155 pigeons semi-final Mira One Loft Race (02/09/2017)

Simon sent the pigeon 4018-17-CH with father 6669-15-CH great-grandson "Noble b" a G. & C. Merchant and mother the Eijerkamp pigeon NL15-1364413 "Paradise" (daughter "Big Spender") a Stefaan Lambrechts to the Mira One Loft Race.
This young pigeon, and full sister of the European Championship 2016 Mira, won the victory in the semi-finals:

  • 1st Vidigal 206 km. against 1,155 pigeons

Simon bred from the NL16-1254672 "Asadi Junior" and the DV0516-09-1460 daughter "Super Dohmen" the young pigeon 4031-17-CH and brought her to the Derby Riachos.
This young pigeon won on the final race:

  • 26th Derby Riachos 320 km. against 319 pigeons

It was a tough race and on the day of release, only 30 pigeons returned home.

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3rd One Loft Race Sofia Finalrace against 810 pigeons (28/07/2017)

Simon took part in the One Loft Race Sofia 2017 with his 4009-17-CH pigeon.
This pigeon was bred from DV05740-15-372 and BE13-6304176 "Skyfall" a Stefaan Lambrechts,
This young hen won on the final race:

  • 3rd Finalrace 420 km. against 810 pigeons
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39th on the final Arona Derby (03/04/2017)

This fancier wins with the cock CH-23366-16 out of the Eijerkamp pigeon NL15-1363957 a Heremans-Ceusters and the DV-15-01777-911 "Halfsister Braveheart 1340" a Willy Vanhoutte in the Arona Derby 2017:

  • 39th on a flight of 275 km.  against 179 pigeons
  • 24th on the semi-final flight
  • 39th on the final flight

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2nd Prova Final Race in Mira (16/07/2016)

In 2016 Siman bred a hen out of an Eijerkamp pigeon "Paradis" NL15-1364413 (daughter of "Big Spender") a Stefaan Lambrechts. "Paradis" was purchased in one of the weekly offers. Its father is CH-15-6669, a grandchild of "zoon Noble Blue" a G. and C. Koopman.
This hen won under the name of Bruno Bucher at the One Loft Race Mira:

  • 2nd Prova Final Race in Mira

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