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Eijerkamp VIP club

Eijerkamp would like to offer you a chance to become a member of the Eijerkamp VIP club after buying one or more pigeons from our webshop or auctions
As an Eijerkamp VIP member you will receive:
  • A voucher valued at €100, with which you will receive a discount on the next purchase made from our web shop
  • Advance information on special offers (only for Eijerkamp VIP members)
  • Eijerkamp VIP points with every purchase of a pigeon. For every €20 spent you receive 1 point. Points have a value of €1 per point. When you have accumulated 50 points they can be cashed in when purchasing a pigeon from our web shop.
  • Entrance to the VIP room with FAQ


Racing pigeon for sale Blue Simba
Blue Simba Cock
USD 886
Kevin Sold Kevin Sold
USD 709
Racing pigeon for sale Archer
Archer Cock
USD 1,181
Racing pigeon for sale Galactic
Galactic Cock
USD 1,181
Racing pigeon for sale Armanix
Armanix Cock
USD 1,771
Racing pigeon for sale Goodyear
Goodyear Cock
USD 1,181