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Week offer 20-2017 (SOLD)


This week there is another great week offering with a remarkably beautiful cock and a hen with a pedigree 3 of our Heremans top pigeons.


Red Winner - 17-1820695 - Cock - Stefaan Lambrechts

Information : Mobile +31 651 805536  or e-mail:

The father of "Red Winner" is "Vale Jackpot" car winner and several other top prizes.

The mother is "Bonte Lyncia" a full sister of "Esther" and half-sister of "Lyncia" 1. Nat ACE Youngster
KBDB 2015

This pigeon is for sale at € 1,500.00

Status: Sold

Red Winner Red Winner

Eurobella - 17-1820756 - Hen - Heremans-Ceusters

Information : Mobile +31 651 805536  or e-mail:

The father is "Blauwe Caprio" a son of "Di Caprio (Dirk van Dijck)" a direct son of "Jackpot".

The mother is a daughter of the famous "Euro" x "Celine" a daughter of "Nieuwe Olympiade".

This pigeon is for sale at € 1,250.00

Status: Sold

Eurobella Eurobella

If you are interested in one of these pigeons than you can contact us via the contact form or phone the following number +31 651 805536 (Henk Jurriëns).
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