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Week offer with inbred Euro


In this week offfer a super inbred hen of the legendary "Euro" is offered.
"Euro" is one of the best breeders ever with lots of super descendants all over the world.


Angelina - 17-1821361 - Hen - Heremans-Ceusters - Heremans-Ceusters

Information : Mobile +31 651 805536  or e-mail:

Father was bred from"Euro"' x sister "Nieuwe Olympiade".

Mother was bred from "Euro" x daughter "Euro" x "Mysterious"

This pigeon is for sale at € 1,500.00

Status: Sold

Angelina Angelina

If you are interested in one of these pigeons than you can contact us via the contact form or phone the following number +31 651 805536 (Henk Jurriëns).
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